Moving Insurance Tips

It is always a highly recommended idea to insure your personal items during moving. Most people tend to ignore this, and its importance only becomes apparent to them after a damage is already done and they realize that they will have to shoulder the entire costs of repair or getting a new item. It is, … Читать далее «Moving Insurance Tips»

Top Moving Scams

While you search for the right moving company, be sure to know how to identify the rotten apples so that you avoid falling victim of moving scams. Here is a brief look at the top ten moving scams you must always watch out for: The phoning it in company Moving prices are based on the … Читать далее «Top Moving Scams»


You cannot plan a movement alone. Moving is a fairly hectic process that can deliver you sleepless nights and leave you exhausted. You need multiple parties in the moving process, including your friends and a professional counselor. Here are some of the factors that you should consider during the move: Reasons for moving Before you … Читать далее «HOW TO PLAN A MOVE?»